27 March 2013

FWS News Flash: No Story for the PROMETHEUS Sequel?!

 Do you have an idea for how the journey could continue for Dr.Shaw and David in Prometheus 2? Good! Because you need to call up Ridley Scott, he's needs an idea. Former LOST producer Damon Lindelof was bought in after the studio had doubts about the original Prometheus script penned by Jon Spaihts due to his inexperience, more directly connecting Prometheus to ALIEN, and not allowing for a sequel. The original script by Jon Spaihts, entitled, 'ALIEN: ENGINEERS', actually did happen on LV-426, and the crashed Engineer ship we saw in ALIEN and ALIENS, would have been from this new prelude film. Damon Lindelof, expanded the film, making an window for more films, and changing the planet to LV-223.
Now, that FOX is eyeballing an sequel (rumored to be called 'Paradise'), there are issues, Damon Lindelof is out, saying that he has other commitments, and no word if Jon Spaihts will be tapped, and Ridley is 'freaking out' according to sources about the ending of the film and how to continue it. Some are blaming Ridley Scott for the ending that places himself into a corner, others blame David Lindelof, who bowed out, and told interviewers that he wants 'fresh ideas' for a sequel, and he also said that he is working Tomorrowland and Ridley has got two films in pre-production...and not one of them is The Forever War! During my writing of this, David Lindelof responded to Bloody Disguising, and told them that he believes there are writers out there  that can continue the story, and much is being made about this for attention, and he is happy with the film as is.

My Two Cents
I really liked Prometheus, and feel like it could use a sequel, but, only if the idea is there and good. With the track record of ALIENS films, FOX needs to be careful, and heed the warnings of the fans...we do not want an ALIEN 3. If you going to fuck it up, then leave Prometheus alone. If the studio chases a cash-cow, and puts out canned dog food, then we fans, will rebel, and eat your cash-cow.
One of the lanes of thought I had on a sequel was that the Engineer homeworld should be infested with the xenomorphs, and be their homeworld now, not the Engineers. This would key with the central message of the ALIENS films. Any sequel We need to see why the Engineers never sent another Juggernaut to Terra to finish us off, or how another Engineer vessel crashed on LV-426, and why the Engineers were pointing to their bio-weapons research site in those cave printings...a warning to humanity? It could be that Prometheus needs to be a single film, with some mystery to give the fans something to talk about for years, like who or what Starbuck was at the last episode of BSG. What Prometheus needs is a James Cameron to expand the world seen in the first movie, and let us see what our markers have been up to since the outbreak on LV-223. Anyone got any ideas?
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