21 December 2017

News Feed: Why there is no "The Last Jedi" Review on FWS

Certainly one of the biggest movie releases of any year is a Star Wars film and it is odd to think that new Star Wars films are coming at a feverish pace since the Mouse began its mastery over the holy franchise. Odd because for much of my life, Star Wars movies were a thing of the pass and a thin hope of the future, not the present. However, here we are and The Last Jedi, the 8th film, is out and it is likely that this will be the first SW film I will not see in the theaters. With the bipolar film reviews and hated rants all over YouTube, I decided to spoil the film and learn of the entire plot before I spent $20...I am glad I did. I just cannot believe that this is the canon story that is unfolded on silver screens around the globe. While I liked The Force Awakened okay and Rogue One completely half-baked, this film is just a bridge too far, especially the way it treats Luke Skywalker. I had high hopes for the sequel trilogy, like I did for the prequel trilogy, and it seems that those hopes were misplaced. If you've seen The Last Jedi, what did you think? Am I overthinking it?