21 December 2017

News Feed: Why there is no "The Last Jedi" Review on FWS

Certainly one of the biggest movie releases of any year is a Star Wars film and it is odd to think that new Star Wars films are coming at a feverish pace since the Mouse began its mastery over the holy franchise. Odd because for much of my life, Star Wars movies were a thing of the pass and a thin hope of the future, not the present. However, here we are and The Last Jedi, the 8th film, is out and it is likely that this will be the first SW film I will not see in the theaters. With the bipolar film reviews and hated rants all over YouTube, I decided to spoil the film and learn of the entire plot before I spent $20...I am glad I did. I just cannot believe that this is the canon story that is unfolded on silver screens around the globe. While I liked The Force Awakened okay and Rogue One completely half-baked, this film is just a bridge too far, especially the way it treats Luke Skywalker. I had high hopes for the sequel trilogy, like I did for the prequel trilogy, and it seems that those hopes were misplaced. If you've seen The Last Jedi, what did you think? Am I overthinking it?  


  1. Critics seem to love The Last Jedi, whereas audience reaction is very mixed. Personally I think it is the weakest of the latest 3 films, but obviously superior to the awful prequels.


    For me, the Rey/hermit-Luke scenes worked OK (though pale next to the Dagobah scenes of The Empire Strikes Back), the Kylo/Rey scenes were pretty good. However, the combat is lacklustre, & the choice of a protracted close-range capital ship 'chase' where the 'faster' ships never gain space, & First Order turbolasers arc downwards was very dull.

    There is a nice twist on the 'hive of scum & villainy', but that scene seems incongruous & the weakest of the whole film.

    The Last Jedi did surprise me in a few places, bucking the rehash trend in some interesting ways, which I did like. But I much prefer Rogue One, & The Force Awakens is superior too (although I didn't like how closely it rehashed A New Hope).

  2. Good thing you skipped it, the whole film felt like a step back in terms of quality despite some things I liked in the film, like some attempts at humor and the casino/race track scene. In fact, it's almost as if the SW franchise is going full circle back to the mediocrity of the prequel trilogy (though I found Episode III to be the best of that IMO).

  3. Think too many people are emotional invested in the series. It's a movie franchised centered around Space Wizards with Laser Swords for cripes stake. If you don't think your going to have fun watching it, don't watch it.

  4. Hi there William !I have been following your blog for several years now, and it seems we share a common interest in military Sci-Fi issues in general, and in Mass Effects FemShep (yes, I am sucker for Jennifer Hales voice acting) more specifically, so I have greatly enjoyed your blog, albeit as a "lurker" :) Your latest post about the Last Jedi have however, prompted me to quit lurking and voice my opinion (yes, you did ask for it, didn´t you ?) First of all I basically agree with Chris Kotthoff : SW is a space fantasy movie franchise, not even really Sci-Fi, and while I have also enjoyed the movies since A New Hope came out in the late seventies (yes, I am THAT old), I agree that it seems a little bit over the top, to get too emotionally invested in the movies and their universe. Secondly my main problem with the latest movie, is not the depiction of Luke´s character. I find that quite ok, and in many ways a not-surprising development of Luke, and also I think that he redeems himself in the end, so no worries on that part. My main problem is rather, that the movie tries to tell far too many stories at the same time, and the result is a confused sort of constant action scene marathon, with very little time for the characters, for coherency in the story, or pretty much any logic. Granted, this was always kind of a problem with the SW movies...they are after all epic fairy tales in space, rather than classic Sci-Fi in any way, and their storylines have always been pretty superficial and fast tracked. But with the original trilogy this problem was only minor, as the movies seemed to "know their limits", and only tried to do so-much in regard to storytelling. But with the prequels, thing began to slide, and with the new movies (and Rogue One) it seems that the manuscript, is trying to tell far to many stories at the same time, to gather far too many threads (without really succeeding), and having far to much emphasis on the amazing special effects that modern CGI can provide. This is then translated into a loss of good focus, and the loss of a coherent story. Oh, and I am also getting tired of Rey being an accomplished force practioner without being trained at all. It is not the character herself..she is fine and nothing wrong with her as such, but in the old movies (and also prequels and expanded universe) one was giving the impression that the training of Jedies and Sith´s took years, and a lot of dedication, but our new heroine seems to be suprisingly well versed in the ways of the force, WITHOUT ANY TRAINING ! Even for a fantasy movie, this becomes a bit too silly and too much ! But I still think you should spend those 20$ and watch for yourself...there are interesting surprises and many good single scenes in the movie, but then again, if you are falling on hard times, maybe those 20$ are better spend on something else. But if you got them to spare, watch the movie and give us a review ! I will be reading it and enjoying it, no matter what ! As I stated in the beginning of my (now relatively long) post, the whole concept of your blog and the amount of work you have put into it is amazing, so keep up the good work, and a Happy New Year to you and your family !

  5. I for one liked the latest movie, yea, I knew thy were going to kill off one of the main characters and they will kill the last one in the next movie, the whole next generation thing and everything :). How they handled Luke was good, you have to remember how badly he messed up with Han and Leia's son and the rest of the Jedi's placed in his care. As for why so many people are mad I get the feeling that showing Luke as anything less than a Chuck Norris Jedi Master would be seen as not being loyal to Star Wars. If Chuck Norris Luke is what you want to see keep with the original series. If you want to see a character come to grips with his failure and Disney shove the next generation of Star Wars character down your throat so you buy all the toys and games and movies and whatever else they come up with , I bought the storm trooper helmet popcorn bucket and cups at the movie theater. Star Wars is cash. I have loved Star Wars since 1977 and I will continue to love star wars. Does the movie have its bad parts? Of course! What Star Wars movie did not have bad parts? Will the next two star wars movies be over the top, too many story lines, CGI over good story? Of course! Will I see them? Of course!

  6. i think many of the more serious fans and not the casuals expected a expanded universe luke while we got this luke with a bit of kreia in him, but i think people were too harsh with the movie, many hated the previous one because is was like a new hope, now they make something different and people still don't like it, it seems these fans will only ever like the original trilogy and the eu

  7. Hey, watch what u want to watch, but I have the feeling you weren't going to be a fan of this newest installment.
    Usually, when I watch stuff like this my enjoyment is based on whether the visuals and action of the movie can entertain me enough for me to ignore the nit picks I would otherwise have. Not so much suspension of disbelief as it is a suspension of bullish#t.
    Yeah sure avatar is environmentalist bs, but i cant avoid yelling "f#@k yeah" during the final battle. What can I say, I'm a sucker for mechs.
    So starwars the last Jedi had some fun moments, but too much bull keeps me from fully enjoying it. What with this being the softest sci-fi the series has ever been, a whole plot thread that couldve been avoided if a rebel leader knew communications skills, and the contempt of the director for what came before (he pretty much said "f#@k it" to existing lore).
    That's about as mmuch as I can say without going into a rant on all the details that prevent me from enjoying the good parts of the movie.
    Look forward to ur next article. This is content I really enjoy.

  8. For the whole movie lacked menace. The force awakens was a great set up for new villains, Snoke, Gen. Hux, Kylo, Phasma.

    At first who is this snoke, how powerful is he? He had mystery, then he turns out to be "some guy in a gold bath robe?"
    General Hux. Is he the new Tarkin? Nope they turn him in to a joke.
    Kylo the new Darth Vader... in an emo form?
    Captain Phasma. Didn't she die in force awakens, nope but they do drop her down another shaft.

    I feel they missed a great opportunity in the force awakens The could have brought Mark Hamel, Carrie Fisher, and Harison Ford back together for at least a scene.

    I really hope this movie goes the way of the Christmas special. And just becomes a side story and one one considers it cannon.

  9. I saw "The Last Jedi" a few days ago. My initial reaction was surprise.

    I was surprised some Star Wars fans so hated TLJ that they acted as if director Rion Johnson had committed a war crime. I suspect a major reason for this backlash is the film is set after the original trilogy, which is considered "sacred," and thus doesn't follow convention.

    Though not perfect, I liked the movie precisely because it was truly unpredictable and delved into new angles of the saga. In short, TLJ aims to be more "Empire Strikes Back" and less "The Force Awakens."

    So let's dive into the movie.


    The Finn/Rose subplot on the Casio Planet started fine exploring the well to do side of Star Wars. But it soon felt tacked on to the rest of the movie. This is a shame since I like Finn, and see potential in Rose, who expanded upon the "everyman" perspective introduced by "Rogue One." Still, the subplot did give a believable answer to the source of the First Order's immense funding.

    The subplot of Poe Dameron growing from reckless fighter jock to levelheaded commander is a great direction for the character. However, it loses its way at the midpoint during his clash of wills with Vice Admiral Holdo. This subplot does recover at the film's finale as Poe embraces his responsibility.


    Luke Skywalker being a cynical hermit was truly compelling. It is logical that he would blame himself for Ben Solo falling to Dark Side and reject the Jedi Order he tried to rebuild. This more haunted,pessimistic Luke might take some aback until you remember he's had to struggle with the darkness since learning he's Vader son. Thus, Luke returning to his heroic roots thanks to Rey's desire for a teacher is all the more satisfying. And Luke's death was poetic as he gazed on twin suns after saving Leia, Rey and the Resistance.

    I was among those who dismissed Rey as a bit of a Mary Sue since she was great at everything in TFA. In TLJ, we finally get past that tough girl shell to reveal a sympathetic character. Rey's immerse power scares her and makes her worry she could fall to the Dark Side. (Luke's verbal doubts don't help.) She also struggles with the fear of being nothing due to her orphan status. This leads to an unlikely kinship with her enemy, Kylo Ren. Rey realizing she is not doomed to be nothing and then embracing the light is one of the best scenes in TLJ. On a thematic level, Rey drives home the point in Star Wars that becoming a Jedi isn't dependent on your background or bloodline.

    Kylo Ren. This character was one of the few surprises in TFA by subverting expectations for a Star Wars villain. He is evil because of his actions not because of a twirling mustache or scary mask like a stereotypical bad guy. Kylo Ren is a truly timely villain in an era of horrific mass shootings and terrorist attacks conducted by guys with "boy band member" looks. Despite his undeniable evil, Ren is still sympathetic character who feels like nothing in contrast to his legendary bloodline. Little wonder he connects with the orphaned Rey, who is saddened when he kills Snoke to fully embrace the Dark Side not reject it. Now that he rules the First Order, it will be fascinating to see where Ren's journey goes next.

    The special effects whether aliens, ships or worlds were top notch. However, the coolest scene in the TLJ was Holdo using the Resistance flagship in a lightspeed ramming attack on Snoke's flagship. What really sold the scene is its complete silence, a first for the franchise.

    Well, that wraps up my review of the "The Last Jedi." It will be interesting to see if history will be as kind to TLJ as 'Empire," which divided Star Wars fans during its release in 1980, but is now hailed as brilliant.

  10. @Eruntalion

    I agree with you that there are Star Wars fans that crucified "The Last Jedi" because its not part of the original trilogy or EU.

    This is ironic since when released in 1980 "The Empire Strikes Back" was considered a lousy, divisive film by some SW fans. io9 has the details:


    I can attest to the backlash against ESB since as a kid I hated Vader being Luke's father. As I matured, I fully appreciated the brilliance of this plot twist and ESB as a whole.

    History is repeating itself in the fan reactions to "The Last Jedi."