08 March 2013

FWS News Feed: FWS T-Shirt Incoming!

After xenomorphosis.com came out with his own kick ass t-shirt design, and some requests, not including a promise of 'force-chocking', I decided it was high time for my own t-shirt. I've got a rough idea for the official FWS t-shirt design at 0830 this morning. Yeah, I guess the double-shot of espresso helped. Coffee is the breakfast of champions. I've contacted two artists that are interested in bring this design to life and hope to met with them next week. My hope is to have this online in a few months. When the design is more final, I will post it for your consideration. My basic idea at the moment is along the line of an 'astronaut with a plasma rifle in a 40 watt range'. I cannot say how cool and surreal it would be to wear a t-shirt of my blog that I designed. Makes me feel like a rock star. Anyway, back to writing about space pirates.


  1. Christopher PhoenixMarch 8, 2013 at 4:40 PM

    An astronaut with a ray-gun sounds pretty cool!! I'd suggest making it more old-school, like the weapons seen on the old magazine covers at Atomic Rockets. Maybe have a tethered power pack and some kind of weird emitter at the end of the weapon that looks like it directs radiation. Would be kind of neat to see something like that.

    Looking forward to seeing a sketch of the design, whatever the artists come up with!! :-) And, remember, Vader does not forgive failure.

  2. I second Christoper's comment. A ray-gun will be awesome! I have a box of 60's and 70's sci-fi books in storage that would probably be really helpful as inspiration.

  3. I'll try to find some cool reference pictures to send you.