12 March 2013

FWS News Feed: More T-Shirt News

I was gone this weekend to Tulsa to drop off my daughter for a week at 'camp grandma', and I had to rush my cat to the vet for breathing issues on Monday...she's fine, just the high level of pollen in the air down here in Texas is bugging her. These two thing pushed back my schedule. While in Tulsa, I attempted to track down the second volume of the The Forever War graphic novel, and failed to do so.
It is my hope to get the space pirate blogpost up today. Also, the t-shirt is moving along nicely, and thanks to everyone for the input! My plan, after talking with my mother and wife (both are artists), they suggested a simpler t-shirt, and to use the more elaborate design for an art poster/print. So, it seems not only will FWS have a t-shirt, but also an art print. More to follow...

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