29 March 2013

FWS News Flash: New Concept Art for Bungie's DESTINY!

 Wow! Double rainbow, cherry on-top, unicorns jumping frakking WOW! Bungie has just released a ton of mother frakking sweet concept art for their upcoming, next-gen shooter game, DESTINY. FWS has been following the development of the game, and if history is any predictor than DESTINY could be one of the next great MSF video game series! Enjoy the art...I know I am!


  1. Christopher PhoenixMarch 31, 2013 at 5:44 PM

    That's some amazing SF concept art!! <3 I like that not only spaceships and weapons are shown, but also human cities and deserted aircraft wrecks- not to mention interesting characters. :-) I rather like the spherical spaceship, it reminds me of some classic SF stories.

    On the whole, the concepts shown look awesome. Guess you'll have to wait and see if the game lives up to the promise shown by its concept art...

  2. I am really hoping that DESTINY is going to the MSF epic that HALO was...it is Bungie after all. This will be one of the games I buy for the Next-Box 720