20 July 2013

FWS Topics: Why Can't People Accept We Went to the Moon?!

Today is the anniversary of one of the greatest moments in human history, the landing of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module on the Lunar surface. This ranks up there with the discovery of fire, brewing beer, building the pyramids, and internet porn...and yet there are those that simply refuse to believe that the United State landing on the moon and that a dozen men have walked the grey landscape. Seriously?! If the USA did not make it to Luna, than why didn't the Soviets land themselves? They cancelled their lunar project after we landed.Why can we see the vehicles of the landings? Why do we have lunar rocks?  When people tell that we didn't go to the moon, it bothers me in a way that is like an itch I cannot scratch. There are fewer than six people at my job, all nurses, that simply do not believe that their nation landed men on the moon. But, you know what all six of them DO believe in? That Noah built the Ark. WTF. I tell that that the Saturn-V rocket went somewhere, and it would have been hard to fake the lunar landings than actually going, and the amount of people and companies involved in the Apollo Program was massive, making a conspiracy very difficult to control. Honestly, I weep for humanity.Today, I chose to honor the memory of those brave Apollo 1 astronauts that died in 1967: Edward H. White II, Gus Grissom, and  Rodger B. Chaffee, allowing us to pave the way to July, 20th, 1969.


  1. "Fewer," not "less." ;-)

  2. It is amazing what people think and even more amazing that they vote!
    I remember watching the landings as a kid, was the highlight of the late 60s and early 70s.

  3. Fixed...thanks...sometimes when I get to ranting. Yeah, I wish these people would not vote, stupid breeds stupid.

  4. People can't accept it becouse 2 reasons:
    1: A big part of the population is just simply so dumb about science!
    2: In this economy it is impossible to do it people and countries won't unite and we won't go to space becauose everybody just cares about theirselves and don't even give a shit about the next generation's life!!!

  5. I think that it basically boils down to two things

    1) we haven't done it since and there is a feeling that how could we have done that in the 'dark ages' when we can't do it today

    2)The mainstreamness of conspiracy theories and the attitude of 'aren't I clever I see through all the BS that these other folks can't/won't see'

    There's certainly more too it than that but these are the two underlying currents I detect when interacting with people who don't believe the moon landings happened

  6. I did get that question about why we haven't return...I told them that alien overlord mining operation on Luna warned us off of the moon (some people believe that), I then tell that it boils down to money and the Vietnam War. I actually had some tell me when I counter them about the moon landing hoax that the rocket had to go somewhere, and they responded with "they just turned the rocket around"...I cried on the spot for the whole of humanity. We have got to do a better job teaching science in this country!

    1. LOL,I'm going to use the overlord mining operation on Luna line!
      And you work with Nurses? And here I was thinking that medicine
      was a hard science,damn, yet another illusion shattered!

  7. Yeah, you would think? Most of the RNs I work with, which is an ICU, where good history students, and nor are interested in historical research, but they seem to think they know more than me...someone with a degree in history.

  8. Elitism is the worse form of human prejudice,because so many ills can be perpetrated on(to them) the lessor among us for their own good.

    I was lucky growing up see:

    Gave me a different perspective coming up...)

  9. Christopher PhoenixJuly 21, 2013 at 9:45 PM

    Yeah, people who believe that we never landed on the moon get really annoying... I've argued with such people a few times on the net before, so I've heard most of the arguments (and refuted them). The strongest argument against such people is asking why the Russians never accused us of faking it, and how come observation stations across the world claim to have tracked the rocket when they are not affiliated with NASA? And just think of the logistical effort that would be require to keep the small army of technicians and researchers who worked on the Moon Landings quiet!!

    All of the hoaxer's "science-related" arguments betray a total ignorance of the relevant physics, chemistry, and biology. My favorite is when they ask how the astronauts could have survived the daytime surface temperature of the Moon when shuttle astronauts survive the exact same temperature extremes during spacewalks... yet they don't talk about the "Space Shuttle" hoax.

    What is disturbing is that a good number of Hoaxers are supposedly educated people like doctors, nurses, students, and even schoolteachers. I think there are a bunch of psychological factors in this. It is human nature to like thinking that you are smarter than everyone else for seeing through the supposed "BS" about the Moon Landings and seeing all the patterns everyone else missed. People who tend to distrust scientists and think every phenomena should have an obvious intuitive explanation love the Moon Landing hoax, and this probably includes a large number of Creationists.

    This is part of a disturbing trend amongst modern Americans to reject science, while still expecting to have all their ills cured and to be supplied with technological goodies like I-phones. Neil Degrasse Tyson has been saying for some time that if we aren't careful, American leadership in STEM will go the way of the Arabic achievements in mathematics and astronomy, lost in a blaze of fundamentalist religious feeling, and once that happens it may never come back.

    Speaking of that, there is an easy refutation to the question "Why haven't we gone back to the Moon if we went there?" Many times in history a nation has made a great commitment to exploration and then fallen back, remember the Viking's efforts at Vinland and the chinese Admiral Zeng-He, for example.

  10. Nevermind that the Noah's Ark story would require Noah, his family and the animals be infected with every parasite in existence at the same time. 40 days and 40 nights of your body trying to turn itself inside out in an impossibly large wooden boat sounds like a blast.

  11. Your point about great explorations being abandon later is a valid point and often overlooked by these moon hoaxers who do not under history nor the space race.
    I love the point about the Ark...so true...some people never think things through..but yet the moon landing is a hoax. I want off of this planet somethings. I heard Pandora is nice this time of year

  12. I suspect the main reason the conspircy started up was because of the sudden lack of trust instilled by the Watergate Scandal.
    "What *else* is the gubbmint lying to us about?!?!?!"

  13. I would agree with that, especially considering that Nixon was president during the moon landing as well.

    1. The main reason why they don't believe in the moon landing is that
      A: when the astronauts planted the American flag it was blowing. To me that is something that needs explanation. &
      B: retarted. Most that don't see the flag are uber religious zealots, or weird conspiracy theorists.

      I'm religious, but I do believe that we did land on the moon because in 1969 star wars wasn't made so it's hard to do the CGI, so shut up & enjoy the fact that man is leaving (not abandoning) the earth. Still wonder what my pastor would say if he saw an extra terrestrial. "DIE DEMON" said the pastor

  14. The "waving" was, according to NASA and Mythbusters was due to the vacuum on the moon and the energy that the astronauts did by getting the flag into position.
    "Die Demon"...love it!

  15. The “Moon Hoax” theory is related to the idea that unpasteurized or “Raw” milk is healthier for you, vaccines are inherently dangerous, and a number of other alternative beliefs. In our society people have to take the opinion of experts who most don’t even know the name of. This makes some people believe that they no longer have control over their own lives. By holding some of these off center opinions, these individuals are in essence saying, “I’ll think what I want to!”
    One would think that with all the opposition they get a clue that they’re wrong. As an answer to that I would like to site Mark:10;

    "Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

    The more opposition these people get, the more they think they’re right. Society should limit its response to these folks to a simple statement of disagreement, a brief explanation of the facts, and if they want to push it further, say “What Ever,” and leave them alone.

  16. If you want a little closure, there's a video on YouTube of Buzz Aldrin punching a Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorist

  17. Part of the problem in our culture with people not believing that we went to the moon is (IMHO) that stupid song Whitey On The Moon which has had an effect larger than most people realize on how the space program and science is regarded; all that that song ever did is get white people angry at black people, and contribute to a long simmering anger at blacks (and other minorities by extension) that years later has now resulted in neocon leaders like Donald Trump taking power (Donald Trump becoming POTUS in particular.)

    Don't believe me? Check this out (trigger & NSFW warning-this could raise your high blood pressure):


    Somebody posted a comment on the article in the form of a parody of the song as well (same trigger warnings as before):

    http://www.amerika.org/politics/whitey-on-the-moon-race-politics-and-the-death-of-the-u-s-space-program-1958-1972-by-paul-kersey/#comment-3446485956 (yep, that's what this song produced-another reason for whites to hate blacks, and to act against black people like myself.)

    Last, but (sadly) not least, was this howler of an article that encapsulates what this blog post was all about (by way of attacking Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield for his accomplishments in space the year said article was put out): https://webarchive.org/web/20130820050812/http://nowtoronto.com/news/story.cfm?content=192486

    The people of the United States (and the peoples of the rest of the planet, Canada [where I live] included) have to stop demonizing space and the space program, and the (emo)Professional Left (the people, publications and organizations which makes it up) have to stop being so negative about the events that changed mankind and also helped give birth to the technological outgrowth that helped produced the tech they use to say the things they do.

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