30 December 2016

FWS News Feed: EXPANSE Season 2 Teasing Combat on Mars with Powered Armor!

 This is a show that I needed to be watching for FWS...The Expanse season 2 has been teasing some sweet combat scenes on Mars with Space Marines wearing CLASS-I powered armor. The focus of these intense off-world combat teaser is New Zealand actress Frankie Adams playing Bobbie Draper bring the fight to Martian rebels with some cutting edge weaponry. All I had to say after seeing these teasers with a female space marine in EVA CLASS-I  powered armor fighting in a Martian canyon is this:


  1. I love how she plays bait/forward observer to spot the weapon emplacements. Then she pops a stack of surface-to-surface missiles who independently rotate in place to zero-in on their assigned targets.

  2. I'm calling it, the best thing about 2017!

  3. Ah, Expanse, I never read the books but I have pre-ordered the Blu-Ray set for Season 1. Though a fair warning for those whom haven't bought a copy: There are barely any extras, especially the making-of segments shown in the after-credits on SyFy.

    Though I must be honest, when I first watched the show I didn't really see them as Power Armor and was never addressed as power armor AFAIK, just a futuristic version of mundane and unpowered body armor. It only took the internet to rectify such a view.

    But then, a thought occurred not unlike a bullet to the brain: What use is Powered Armor in space? I understand the whole environmentally sealed part, and in a limited degree armor (until relative velocity kicks in), but the "Powered" in power armor causes one to scratch the head.

    And yes, it's one of those Rule of Cool "Don't think about it too much, you'll get a hernia" topics, but the logic portion of my brain just can't seem to shut up like a yipping Chihuahua. Made even worse when there's no spray bottle to stop it.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Syfy teaser to find.

    1. well it's multi-use so there might be environments where they might want it to be on, also they might just turn the super strength part off since they're in zero g

    2. But wouldn't turning off the actuators of the powered armor just increase the fatigue and cumbersomeness on the soldier in it? Even if operating in a free fall environment, those joints can't be that easy to move just by muscle mass alone.

  4. I love “The Expanse,” but I wasn’t too impressed with the short.

    First off, the troopers lacked a great deal of hustle. The fire team moved like the suits were heavy and hard to maneuver in. They depended too much on their equipment. If their adversary had a weapon that could penetrate the suits, they all would been easy targets.

    The solders’ primary weapon system was mounted on their forearms. The U.S. Army tried this in their experiments, and immediately switched back to traditional hand held weapons. They found that the wrist has much more flexibility than the forearm.

    The part I liked was the self-guiding rockets. The positioning of the launcher meant that the rockets could be launched wile the solder was prone.

    The whole scenario seemed to be that the fire team was being trained, or the equipment was being tested; possibly both. In a real fire fight, the team would have run along the ridgeline, and were possible, walk up behind the opposition troops. I was half expecting a drill sergeant to pop out of the terrain, and say “You’re going to do that again, and if I don’t see any effort, I’m replacing the robots, with real solders armed with armor piercing rounds.”