11 July 2014

4th Anniversary of FUTURE WAR STORIES!

I wanted to take this moment to say this to all of the readers and supporters of Future War Stories


You have made this possible, and continue to make this happen! Thank you for all of the comments, support, and sharing of FWS with the world! Four years. It has been four years since the founding of FWS back on July 11, 2010. Many things have changed since those days. This "year" has been a massive one for FWS. Part of the mission of the FWS has been fulfilled with the publication of my novel Endangered Species by Forker Media that should be out in a few more months. Also, a very special recognition was bestowed on FWS just recently. The Atomic Rockets website honored FWS with a seal of approval, and the website used FWS has a resources. I was very honored by this, and has inspirited me to carry on with the work done here.  The daily traffic is over 1800 per day, and today, I am happy to report that FWS has past over 1.5 million pages view with Powered Armor being the highest read blogpost of all time! For the anniversary, I decided to troll through the first year of FWS...and damn! FWS had a rough start. I've since been "fixing" a few of the early, retrofitting them to the current FWS layout. Even today, some of very early blogpost only have thirty or forty page views...sad. At least that is not the case anymore. On a personal note, this cycle of FWS has been one great highs and great lows. On the positives, seeing the fulfillment of a childhood dream of being published, and be recognized by Atomic Rockets were great moments, along with my wife not killing me. Always good. On the other hand, this was the year I lost my father...and...well, I still feel the hole that his death has left in my family's life. Nothing about that was easy about that. I am just glad that he died when I was in my late 30's, rather than my teenage years, like my wife's father. I want thank everyone for their kind comments and emails during that tough period. Another death that hit me, was the loss of Benjamin Curtis from School of Seven Bells. That level talent cannot be replaced or forgotten. 
What will the next year hold for FWS? You can expect some increase in blogposts about my novel and experiences with being published. Recently, when I posted the FWS Topics about female soldiers, I got flank about the length, and so I've decided that for massive blogposts, they will be broken up. I was pleased with the recent experience with breaking up the huge Special Operations Forces blogpost into four parts. Expect to see the large blogposts to be broken up from now. Again, thank you for all of your support, and you expect to see FWS around for many more years!

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