28 June 2014


Warhammer 40,000 is one of the longest running military science fiction franchise, and even after near 30 years, Games Workshop find new ways to keep the old fans loyal, and mint new addicts to the War-Crack. While video games of the dark galaxy of the 41st millennium are nothing new, WH40K first-person-shooters are. The last FPS in the WH40K universe was the Playstation 2's Fire Warrior from 2003, and then you could not play as a Space Marine in the campaign. But, that is about to change. For over a year, we've known that GWS was planning an FPS WH40K game on the Xbox One/PS4/PC, and now we've got a trailer...and it damn near pornographic! Bolters blazing with beautiful armored warriors in a space hulk being mercilessly attacked by Genestealers. Waitaminute...haven't we don't this one before? Yep, it seems that WH40K: Space Hulk Deathwing will be similar in setting to the original and popular Space Hulk video games of the 1990's. This time around, Focus Home Interactive is using the powerful Unreal 4 Engine and the story is set among the elite Deathwing company of the Blood Angels Chapter of Space Marines. Deathwing companies are the veteran elite of the Chapter that also wore the Tactical Dreadnought Armor, they are the elite of the elite. In this next-gen game, the Deathwing team is armed to the fucking teeth in their badass Terminator armor and commanded by the combat psychic that enhances the small unit with unnatural powers, and their mission is to clean out the space hulk of the nasty Genestealers...all from an first-person POV. We can likely expect some Chaos Marines along the way as well. This could be the WH40K video game that a great deal of us have been waiting for. No word on if you command the Deathwing marines as per tradition, nor any on multiplayer aspect of Deathwing, but this could be really cool setting for an Space Marine online shooter. WH40K: Deathwing will drop in 2015 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Here is the trailer:


  1. Very happy when news of the game came.

  2. Me as well. I really like the WH40K universe, and FPS Space Hulk game is just win-fucking-win for me. I played the hell out of the Space Hulk game for the original Playstation, and I want the same experience here. I wanna rip Genestealers apart with chainsaws and claws. Could be one of the better games on the next-gen systems.

  3. I read this short story posted in White Dwarf ™ many moons ago about the blood raven terminator chapter, I will have to get you a copy of that if you havent read it....It gives you a great snapshot on history of the chapter and how all the battle brothers are recruited and tyranid threat.