10 June 2014

FWS News Flash: TITANFALL: Free the Frontier Live-Action Series!

Here we go, more military sci-fi news coming out of E3. This time, thankfully, it is not about HALO. It seems that Titanfall doesn't want to be left out in the cold as HALO brings two live-action productions to reality. Titanfall: Free the Frontier was announced as an live-action series being done by Respawn Entertainment and Playfight of Canada. At the moment, we know really nothing about this joint venture, besides that they are developing more in the Titanfall universe. This could be really exciting, we've never had a live-action mecha series, and Titanfall could use some story expansion. 

Here is the Live-Action Trailer:


  1. Good news, Of course I think they should have done this in the first place, Instead of having it be a co-op torrentent style game

  2. Can u do a blog on sniper rifles/designated marksman rifles. Something that is pretty personal 2 me.

  3. FWS did the DMR Armory blogpost near a year ago. Just hit up the search bar or Google "Future War Stories" and "DMR". The battle rifle was also included with the DMR blogpost. The Sniper rifle will be written during this summer.Look for it! Thanks for reading and commenting!