31 August 2012

FWS News Feed: Luke Scott's LOOM Short Film

For those of us who love BLADE RUNNER, than this 20 minute film from Ridley Scott's son, Luke, is one of the best visions into the dark world of 2019 and beyond. The LOOM short film was used to promote new technology by RED Digital Cinema, but is a masterpiece of the short film and the dystopia genre. While not big happens until the end of the film, there is a slow boil, and the set pieces are amazing with being dense at the same time. Also, watch this one with headphones, the sound is incredible.
Be warned though, this film is dark, stark, bold, and  has some nudity. This will make you wanted to go outside to see if the world is still green (I did). I personally was amazed by this, and the talent of Luke Scott. ENJOY!

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