24 December 2011

Happy Holidays from FWS!

Nigel and I want to thank everyone that reads, follows, and comments on our little military science fiction blog, and have helped us grow yet another new year. We hope that one day, FWS will become the internet home for all things MSF related, giving Baen Books a run for its money.
What will 2012 bring to FWS? At the moment, Nigel and I are attempting to finish our MSF novels and get them submitted, but as for the blog, there will be the content you have come to expect from FWS, along with following the developments in the world of MSF. But, in short, FWS is likely to stay the same as it has been. If you can suggest something you would like to see on FWS, please comment below.
So, Happy Safe Holidays for all of us to all of you, drink some Eggnog, and see you in 2012!

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