19 September 2010

You make the Call!

To all readers and visitors to FWS: in preparation for the next flash fiction serial, two ideals have presented themselves and....I want you to pick the next flash fiction serial!

For your direct democracy consideration is Beachhead and HALO: Frontlines

Beachhead is the 12 part serial that looks at the last planetary battlefront in a long war between two human governments. The parts of the serial will examine the war for the planet Janus from different points-of-view. The story is a combination of KILLZONE, HALO, the Normandy Invasion of 1944, and the Pacific Campaign. I have already written several parts and it much grander in scale than CUSTOM.

HALO: Frontlines is the 10 part serial that is set during the Human/Covenant War, written from the different human points-of-view. The serial would span the war from Pelican pilots, SPARTANs, ODST Edward Buck, to more with everyone's favorite "hyper-lethal" SPARTAN-III, Noble Six. Several parts of this fan-fiction serial are under way, and it has been a real joy to write.

So, you, the reader of FWS get to make the call on how I spend my free time, either on the frontlines against the Covenant or on the beaches fighting against fellow humans.

Please leave a comment on this post to vote....


  1. I would love to see the latter published.


  2. Why not add both. I'll help if u need concept art or something