17 September 2014

FWS News Feed: The OLD MAN'S WAR Movie is now an SyFy TV Series!

News broke last month (I’m a little behind) that John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War novel and universe is not going to be coming to a threaten near you as previously believed. Back in 2011, it was announced that Paramount had secured the rights to Scalzi’s excellent military science fiction novel. Since 2011, little or nothing was released about the upcoming project. Since the film was not made, the rights returned and were re-sold instead, the SyFy Channel has picked up the right for TV development. Scott Stuber and Wolfgang Petersen are still involved with scriptwriters Jake Thornton and Ben Lustig, and Scalzi will serve as one of the executive producers. This could be very good news or very bad news. An Old Man’s War universe television series would allow for tons of story and character development along with deep exploration of the OMW universe. At best, we can hope that the newly re-titled Ghost Brigades TV series will be another Battlestar Galactic and not 2000’s Frank Herbert’s DUNE.  At worse, the SyFy Channel will be unable to translate the hard-edged OMW’s universe into a TV format, and water the series down. I mean, are we really going to see piles of hanging slaughtered human meat in Rraey freezers? There is not release date, and we fans of military science fiction can hold out hope that we will see green skinned superhuman soldiers of the CDF wielding MP35s.
Here is the press release on the show:
Ghost Brigades follows John Perry, who at seventy five,enlists into the Colonial Defense Force to fight a centuries-long war for man's expansion into the cosmos. Technology allows experiences and consciousness to be transplanted into younger bodies that are outfitted to endure the harsher rigors of war in space. However, soon after John arrives, he finds himself involved with a mysterious woman, and at the same time, at the center of an unraveling conspiracy involving an elite fighting force known as The Ghost Brigades.


  1. Always wanted to read the old man's war. Especially since they made the mp35 which is an interesting weapon. Hope the show is good. Though u do have to factor I that Sci fi put alot of zombie movies on that channel which was gory to say the least.

  2. I really want to see the MP35 onscreen as well! You should read Old Man's War and The Ghost Brigades, both are very worth your time! "The Human Division" is so-so, and I am about to read "the colony"