13 January 2011

Terra Nova: military sci-fi with Dinosaurs?

FOX is now showing off images to the general public and a trailer to the press on its new $4 million dollar-per-episode time-traveling dinosaur show: Terra Nova.

FOX as a shit track record with sci-fi shows, I am honestly surprised Fringe is not cancelled! Terra Nova better be a big hit for FOX to shell out the cash for this show...after all, they pasted on Virtuality!

The basic plot is that Earth is dying, and in 2149, they develop the technology to open a time portal to the ancient past...specifically dinosaur time. The Shannon family is one of the new batch settlers to enter the colony site, to see if mankind can restart civilization of the other side of the portal.
Stephen Lang plays the first human to pass through the portal, and he now leads the colony. No, word on if the portal is one-way....
This plot remains me of Bardbury's A Sound of Thunder...and the Bones of the Earth coupled with Avatar and Earth-2. A Sound of Thunder was rumored to get a big-screen treatment...is Terra Nova that treatment?

Here are some of the current images:

 Yep, that Jason O'Mara from the ABC show Life on Mars as the main character and family man...but the gas mask? I didn't get that one yet. 
Elements of Terra Nova are already being compared to Avatar, the soldiers appear similar to the RDA Secuity forces...and so does their leader...

 Okay, a revolver, in the jungle, and it's the the same actor...Steven Spielburg is not making this easy on us!
 These are O'Mara's children getting to firing some sort of bullet-firing carbine-like weapon. Gunfire is always a good start!
Sweet, huh? Could mean a good start to Terra Nova...maybe he's waiting on some blue people?


  1. The problem with Network treatments of science fiction is that they tend to think of science fiction as just a family drama in a futuristic venue. They never find the true heart of science fiction which is that the paradigm will change and so to will humanity. A hundred thousand years ago we were hunter gatherers then we discovered the new technologies of metallurgy, brewing and baking all of which required us to stay in one place so we invented farming. It changed who we were just as space travel or time travel will change us once again. From the trailers that I have seen so far Terra Nova seems to be family matters goes postal. I love science fiction so I hope it is better than it looks. I had high hopes for battle star Galatica but it turned out to be just a soap opera with robots.

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