22 January 2011

Battlestar Galactica: BLOOD and CHROME Update!

Here at FWS, we are keeping up with the upcoming Sci-Fi Channel's new landmark series, Battlestar Galactica: BLOOD and CHROME.
io9.com as posted a leaked outline of the two-hour upcoming TV movie (much in the spirit of RAZOR.) I will not be posting any spoilers on FWS, but here is the link for the story:
 Also, io9.com tells us that the casting calls are going out for the three main lead characters...and the TV movie will be released sometime next year...hopefully the world will not end in 2012, so that we can see the new series.

From what I read off of the  io9.com post, I think that we can rest easy from the whole Caprica frak-up. Caprica would have been a good mini-series to show the originals of the Cylon race, but not a series...it was not what anyone wanted, much like the Pontiac Aztec. While BLOOD and CHROME promises to return us to space, with a space-carrier, with space pilot blowing the frak out of toaster. But here is the geat thing about, BLOOD and CHROME it promises to be the a hard-hitting, realistic military sci-fi drama weekly series!  (BSG was a mix of different elements warpped in a overall military science-fiction burrito) I think I have goosebumps!

My hopes for BLOOD and CHROME are high, simply because the depressive ash-filled air that hung around Galactica (due to the events in the show) was so honest and realistic for anything that we have seen in a science fiction show, and now BLOOD and CHROME is setting course on bring a gritty military sci-fi war drama to the small screen. 


If we are lucky, BLOOD and CHROME will combine BSG, with elements of the 1970's classic Galactica, and the only great military sci-fi prior to BSG, SPACE: Above and Beyond. My other hope, is that since this series will be more pure than BSG, due to the lack of Final Five, Baltar, skinjob Cylons, and the Quest for Earth...and of course, the 12 Colonies are still un-nuked. This will make BLOOD and CHROME more focused on the 1st Cylon War....which is what we really want to see.  

What I would like to see on BLOOD and CHROME:
  • The Final Five interacting with the metallic Cylons
  • More Combined Arms combat, with more of a "big military" feel than BSG
  • No Skin-Job Cylons! 
  • The events of the Brenik 
  •  marine characters, not red shirts
  • more colonial vehicles than battlestars, shuttles, Raptors, and Vipers
  • To follow the bitter tone of the RAZOR flashbacks
  • Tensions between the colonies dispite the Articles of Colonization
  • The originals of the Basestars
  • Seeing the other Colonial worlds, besides Caprica
  • Socrate Thrace and the Battle of Medra
  • Saul Tigh is somehow got to be in BLOOD and CHROME!

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