07 December 2010

The Next Flash Fiction Serial

Fellow Readers of FWS...

After the holidays, FWS will gearing up for the next flash fiction serial. The subject matter for the next FFS was original selected has a futuristic invasion of Normandy called Beachhead.
However, my writer's block as put a halt on that series, and that forced FWS to use the planned HALO fan fiction serial called Frontlines. I have  most of these written and on the way to being finished, and also, HALO fan-fiction would allow the series to be placed on other websites...hopefully generating some more buzz about FWS.

HALO: Frontlines will be about 14 parts, showing the Human/Covenant War from different points-of-view than just the SPARTANs and ODSTs. Most of the stories are concerning ground forces, while a few others will show other positions within the UNSC. The idea for HALO: Frontlines came from my thoughts on what another HALO game could look like.

What can you, the reader, expect from HALO: Frontlines?
First off, I am lover of the HALO universe, as most of you can guess, and that I take great pride in offering some stories that have not been seen.
Second, deep research. I scoured many websites for research on the elements within HALO: Frontlines. Third, readers will have stories orbiting around major events in the HALO timeline. For example:

  • One story will be a "novelization" of the Deliver Hope trailer for HALO: REACH
  • Another story will show the dark deeds of Noble Six prior to his/her joining Noble Team
  • HALO: Frontlines will have a rewritten ending to HALO: REACH, and a semi-novelization as well.
  • A possible plot line for HALO: 4.
  • A rescue mission based on the 1989 DELTA Force rescue of Kurt Muse in Panama
  • Another story with everyone's favorite ODST: Edward Buck!
  • A special space assault pilots of Longsword fighters, in a Doolittle fashioned raid 
I have been using these three HALO sites for research for the FF serial:

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