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Since July 11th, 2010, Future War Stories (AKA: "FWS") has been devoted to explain and explore the world of military science fiction through all media types by me and other contributors like Yoel. While this is defined as a "blog", it is more of a website devoted to pumping out about 2-3 research-based articles over a wide variety of topics related to military sci-fi via a number of series in the course of a month. From reviews, flash-fiction, the Armory, and Ships of the Line; FWS has it all covered. It is not just sci-fi we cover here either, FWS has makes the attempt to cover contemporary military matters and works as well/ Enjoy your stay around here, leave some commentary, and share the links!


  1. Are you alive still? I love this blog!

  2. I am...I took a new job that involves a great deal of travel and poor internet reception...so bad combination. I am attempting to work harder.

  3. Great stuff. Extremely easy to read. Thanks for the insight. Liked and Followed.

  4. Great stuff, indeed! Thanks. There are a few typos in you post of 19 February 2015:

    FWS Topics: Mercenaries, Security Contractors, and the Private Military Company.

    Some creators used the dim reputation of the mercenary type to add "favor" to their characters, and situations. - should be "flavor"

    However, creators sometimes confuse the space pirate, bounty hunter, or rouge warrior with the mercenary, or mix them liberally. - should be 'rogue'

  5. Those have now been corrected. Thanks for the heads up!

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  7. Hi there!

    Your blog is great, actually amazing. Very detailed posts, many interesting subjects.

    You did one on Dougram. I would like to see one about VOTOMS. I Still think this is one of the best military anime with mechas around. Nothing of that super stuff non sense, just military machines on the battlefield.

    Please do a post for VOTOMS and VOTOMS series of animes.

  8. You can make requests here if you like or send them to the email link on the side, or reach out to FWS on our social media platforms!

  9. Could you do an epidose about a sci-fi Lego series that actually had a story: Bionicle?

  10. Ever do any podcasting? I host a podcast called Hugos There, where I'm reading the Hugo winning novels with my guest picking the title. I'd love to have you on if you wanted to cover a military SF title. Or really any of the others. If you're interested, check out the site:


    There's a contact form, so feel free to reach out.

  11. Hi! My name is Chris Gerrib, and I wrote a novel called Pirates of Mars which, with its sequel The Night Watch, asks and answers the question why would anybody build a space fleet. If you're interested in free copies of either for an honest review, please email me and I'll send them, paper or electronic.

  12. Terrific blog! A lot to chew on for a Sci-fi fan.

  13. Hi-I was approached by Matchbox Toys to create the entire line of what you call Robotech Fashion dolls,fashion packs, vehicles and playset in the 80's.Your blog features some of my work. I both designed and oversaw that entire line, which was approved by Harmony Gold. I have done blogs with other bloggers on some of the other famous toys I created and would be open to doing a blog with you. I have my very rare hand painted prototypes and art of this line I am thinking of letting go. Perhaps you know of some serious collectors?