21 May 2015

FWS News Flash: Want To Read My Book?

It is time, loyal readers of FWS. My military sci-fi novel, that is a nod to Starship Troopers and Armor, will be out just in time for pool-side reading! Over the course of the next couple of weeks, you will be treated to a slow reveal of the cover along with some other elements. So, I am reaching out the readers of FWS to see if anyone wants to read my novel to get the ball rolling. If you do, let me know so I can notify my publisher. I also want to say a big thank you to everyone for reading FWS and the positive comments I've got about my novel. Oh, don't worry, my publisher hired a professional editor.


  1. I'll read it. I'm a current an US infantryman (enlisted) and I am pursuing an officer commission. The concept of exoskeletons is interesting and implementing these in the combat zone for multiple mission will be needed as these are being developed, partially with the TALOS program. Imagination and science fiction come up with some of the best ways these assets could be used. I'll definitely be on the look out for your book then.

    1. Hey, maybe the saying "first person through the door is the first to get shot" won't exists anymore. Also stay safe.

  2. I'd also be happy to give it a read, I'm a retired artillery non commissioned officer, with extensive overseas and combat experience. I'm also extremely well versed in all genres of military sci-fi,
    having read, watched, and played just about everything since the late 70s.....)

  3. I'd like to read it - I'm also a SF writer, maybe we could do a book exchange? My book is THE LAZARUS WAR: ARTEFACT and I run a blog here www.jamiesawyer.com - I think we'd definitely be interested in each other's books! This is a great blog by the way; I don't post comments anywhere near as often as I should on here, but it's a great source of inspiration and I read it regularly

  4. as a aspaering sci-fi autor i woud wery mutch like tor read your bock

  5. I will read it. Since I am in Brazil, an ebook version would be the best :)