29 November 2014

FWS News Feed: Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Trailer

88 seconds. It took 88 seconds, shorter than heating up an Hot Pocket, for me to get official excited by the new J.J. Abrams helmed Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. Of course, we all labored under the same assumption back when the teaser trailer for Episode I was revealed. After watching the trailer a few times and getting a huge nostalgia boner, it was hard not be excited. The trailer is hitting on all cylinders, and includes a platoon of Stormtroopers being off-loaded along with X-Wings skimming an lake. Yeah, cool shit with healthy dashes of military science fiction...but it is enough? It is my hope that JJ Abrams does not follow the same template as he did with the recent (and terrible) remake of the Star Trek universe. There seems to be the spirit of the original Holy Trilogy in the images of the trailer, and if we are very luck, The Force Awakens will be the new Star Wars movies that we were all promised in 1999. I simply cannot handle another repeat of The Phantom Menace. The universe is not that cruel...right? Oh, and I am not sold on the new Sith Lightsaber design...really, again with the novel red lightsaber?


  1. MY Spicy comment:


  2. The light saber.. or perhaps light claymore would be more apt. the doubled handed long sword with cross guard was a late medieval scottish design combining the strengths of the more traditional long swords with the double handed hilt. this means that in a unarmored fight by using both hands you can get more power in the attack. the cross guard though was never sharpened, never meant to be because in a fight chances were at some point your forearms would come incontact with the guard.. additionally like all long swords it was designed to be half sworded. so that a Scottish knight could use the sword like a short spear and drive it into gaps in his armored foe's armor or use the guard as a war hammer and club him like a armored seal in hopes of knocking sir Lancelot into next tuesday with a concussion. but a light saber version can't do those. if you try to half sword you take your own hand off unless part of the hilt pops out and extends partially over the "Blade" and if the cross guard meets your forearms again you loose your hand. the only part I like is the beefy looking palmel but since the "Blades" and "Guard" have little in the way of mass any pummeling from that would be little better then a flashlight. really it's a Gimmic. although I do like the less stable edges on the saber it gives it a more energy feel to it.
    All and all i get the feeling "these are not the droids we are looking for."

  3. I am going to hold my judgments until I see how it is used in the film. I have seen ideas that look silly in the trailer, but turn out good in the actual film. The other thing that I am holding my judgment on is that soccer ball droid.

  4. But wait, if you are excited about Star Wars VII, you gotta be even more excited about Episode VII: George Lucas Special Edition! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v93Jh6JNBng

    Seriously... that is f*cking hilarious, and perfectly encapsulates how I feel about the "improvements" Lucas added to Episodes IV-VI. And the new Sith lightsaber. :D

    About the actual movie? At this point I am rather tired of all the reboots and redoings- Hollywood just keeps recycling stuff rather than coming up with something fresh- especially those headed by JJ Abrams. They just keep ruining the Star Wars of my youth, so I'm not so sure about this new attempt by Disney to continue the franchise... and I keep getting the feeling Mickey is just waiting to sell more lunchboxes. Sure, they have pretty CGI in the trailer, but that alone doesn't make a film.

    Personally, I think that if there is one single epic space opera that requires a (good) remake, it is Frank Herbert's Dune. All the previous screen adaptions fall rather short of truly taking this story to the screen. And this time I want sword-and-force-field fighting between all the soldiers- not those "weirding modules" (aptly named, as they were just weird). Anyone who had read the book knows that lasers are mostly useless in Dune, and knives and swords the rule of the day.

  5. yeah, they should redo Dune. I think that the new star wars could turn out OK, but I have a sinking feeling that it will turn out badly, just like the Hobbit has for all us Lord of the Rings fans. Well, we can hope...
    On another note I now have my own blog, SF Worldbuilding, with the first post going up today. Not a particularly goo one, but I have several lined up that should be good, looking at things like force fields, FTL, and the way they shape the setting.

  6. I just like a long series, no matter the genre.

  7. I actually like the Swiss light saber sword. Look it up.

  8. I did watch the George Lucas SW:VII reedit...fucking funny and so true, sadly. I really really hope that JJ Abrams does a better job here, and there is no SW lens fare.
    I tend to agree with all of you, it is hard to judge from a Trailer. After all, The Phantom Menace looked so cool back when the 1999 trailer dropped and broke the then internet (sorry Kim K), then we saw it and it broke our hearts.
    I will see and review it, and prey to The Lords of Kobol that it is good.