02 May 2014

FWS News Feed: More Military Sci-Fi Games for Call of Duty?

Here we go again with the COD news...and it seems like Black Ops II and Ghosts, the new game by Sledgehammer Games (who did COD: MW3) are pushing the Call of Duty universe even further into the future with the next installment: COD: Advanced Warfare. The official trailer shows us that Advanced Warfare will include Elysium-like exo-suits, tactical transports like the H/Ks from Terminator, inducted fan 'copters like in AVATAR, cloaking like Predator, and bio-mechanical upgrades like Ghost in the Shell that will allow for Six Million Dollar Man jumps and super-punches to crush skulls. Melee online should be very cool if these exo-suits are used properly. All of this is wrapped up with Kevin Spacey heading an mega-PMC corporation called ATLAS that creates the conflict seen in COD:AW. Is this new game a good thing for us gamers? I could dig upgrading my exo-suit, and seeing some honest-to-god futuristic weaponry instead of another fucking AK or AR15 clone with plastic dressing. The cool element on the weapons? Choices. A player will be able to choose between traditional kinetic weaponry or directed energy weaponry, and I'll bet that Elysium and AVATAR will be used by the game developer as inspirations. The trailer out now, shows normal COD scenes, and Kevin Spacey being Kevin Spacey. Could be a good MSF game with some interesting next-gen wargaming online...of course, I'll buy it come November. Damn you, Call of Duty!

Here is the Trailer:


  1. If you mean military SciFi from COD as in ripping off better games such as FEAR, Metal Gear, Crysis and Fallout.

  2. COD games have also liberated ideas from war movies and action films, but you are correct. Now, they are taking from other near-future war games that are superior, especially Crysis

  3. Crysis has gone down the tubes since they dumbed down everything for Crysis 2 and so forth.

  4. I was disappointed when I saw the trailer for this game. It just struck me as Black Ops 2.5. I can't believe I am saying this, but I think it might be time for shooters, especially CoD and the Battlefield franchise, to go back to WWII. I've been burned out on WWII for awhile now, but seeing what a great job Red Orchestra 2 has done with the period, I think it might be time for the major franchises to return to the world's most epic conflict, especially seeing how modern geopolitics are starting to show shades of the 1930s as of late.

    1. Nit ww2 but Nam, & the 1980s & 90s. Not to Manny games do that at all. There's alot of gold there.

  5. I never played the original Crysis PC game, but I very much enjoyed Crysis 2 and was thinking about picking up Crysis 3 for a good used price. May be rethinking that now.
    I was also disappointed with COD:AW, it seemed like BO: 2.5 or COD: We've run out of ideas. So, if I understand the game roll out, there will a Black Ops 3, Ghosts 2, and now Advanced Warfare? I totally agree with you, it is time to go back to World War Two, or hell, do a World War One game. Now that would be sweet! Or even a Korean War game. Or COD could have gone way out, and done a war on Mars between the major economic blocks on Terra.

  6. After cod 4, it has been the same to me(& a bunch of other people) there's so many perks that it's like, kan my skill with my weapon decide who lives or dies. Do like the future aspect. However they're ripping off ghost recon mostly (the original near future shooter). The graphics are a improvement, thank god. But engoy it while u can cus there gonna run that thing til,the ps5. Overall it's just gonna be oversaturated with stupid perks & kilstreaks. Watch there's gonna be a disko death ray & the player does gundam style while the lazers kill everyone. Oh yeah they should go to the Vietnam era io the 80s be sick . P.s. Have fun with the book.