21 June 2013

FWS Topics: My Hopes and Fears about PACIFIC RIM

Okay, I'll admit that there has been a lack of information about Pacific Rim on FWS...which is a film that should be prefect for this little military sci-fi blog. So, what gives? Last night, my wife and I were watching Hell's Kitchen (yes, I am the cook in my house), and I saw a trailer for the film, and my wife asked me why I haven't talked about it. I was frankly clueless. There is something holding me back from totally fangirling out on Pacific Rim and its Jaegers giant mecha. When I was a kid, before I had a car and was interested in girls, I spent Friday nights watching channel 23 KOKI-TV out of Tulsa (prior to them become part of the FOX network). Back then, they aired those badly-dubbed, but fun Japanese Kaiju films, that were mostly Godzilla. And as most of my FWS readers know, I was lucky enough to be living in Dallas in the very late 70's and early 80's, to see the first wave of Japanese Anime, which included Mobile Suit Gundam. Some elements of these Jaeger mecha suits recalls to me that epic 1980's MSF mecha-in-space comic Dynamo Joe. Then there is one more element that Pacific Rim is bring to the silverscreen: live-action mecha. There have been painfully few live-action mecha films, and most them were bad...think Robot Jox, but Pacific Rim is a major studio film with the visual effects being done by the wizards at ILM. By Pacific Rim combining these two genres types into a single movie should be like cheese and hamburgers...right?
 Once again...why am I not excited? The trailers look badass, the suit design is good, and the monsters are very cool, and Guillermo de Toro is a talented director...just look at his Hellboy movies. My hope is that Pacific Rim is a epic live-action mecha action-science fiction film that recalls those other corny works and makes them come alive with modern day SFX and talented film work. My fear is that this film will be a loud mess of destruction with little story and visual effects that overwhelm the writing and human angle. So, what is your opinion of Pacific Rim? What are your hopes and/or fears about this live-action mecha-vs-monster film? Comment below and let me know. See ya soon with a blogpost on Battleships and Battlecrusiers!


  1. I don't know, just watching that GIF there makes me sqwee! I've been following this movie since it was first announced, and I just cannot wait.

  2. Rocket-fist, bitches! Yeah, that scene and the Jaegers walking through the water got me fangirling! Pacific Rim, World War Z, and Elysium are all movies that makes me excited for summer of 2013!

  3. This movie was tons of fun. Go see it!