14 December 2012

FWS News Feed: PACIFIC RIM Trailer!

Here is the first trailer and the poster for Pacific Rim  directed by Guillrmo del Toro. This is his take on the old  Japanese monster movie of my childhood. This time, the massive monsters are coming from a dimensional portal rift in the Pacific ocean, and attacking the coastal cities. In response, mankind develops the massive metal military monsters, and have rocket powered fists (no joke), and piloted by two soldiers hooked into a unique control system. All and all, the talent of de Toro comes through in the trailer, and this could be enjoyable popcorn film. The steer size of the mecha in this film are on scale with the suits in Dynamo Joe and Robot Jox, and are designed to combat the size of their foe...much like ROBOTECH.
To be released in summer of 2013...so, I guess we will see if this is any good...

Here is the trailer:

And what Jeremy Jahns has to say about it...


  1. Looks like fun. (: I like some of del Toro's films- I guess we'll have to wait to see if it is any good, but it looks to me like this film will either be surprisingly fun or just silly and bad.

    To be honest, while we all love humongous monsters and giant robots, the cube/square law will probably squish the former to bloody pulp while smashing the latter to pits of scrap metal and obviating any need for them by eliminating the giant monsters. D: Who would have thought they would be up against such odds (and uncompromising laws of physics)?

    Well, okay, maybe SOME kinds of big monsters could survive if they were built to be that big (like the dinosaurs), but on the whole bad SF movies just ignore the consequences of giant size while scaling up bugs, lizards, octopi, and other monsters to sizes they never had any right to be.

    We can (and will) just calm down and enjoy the movie- but why just watch the movie when you can use it as an opportunity to actually LEARN something? :D

    A good video on this is found here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZR5sfj9A2M&list=UUxw9yzy4atOTq26pLHmLf9w&index=16. The remastered version is available on the same channel, but does not work since youtube changed their website- fuck youtube. :( Can't they just leave things they way they are, if they work, and not mess things up?

    *I am not a motherfrakking robot, Blogger, just let me post my comment without the endless "the characters you entered do not match the word verification" rigamarole PLEASE!!??* Frakking cylons would get in the thread if they wanted to, anyhow...

    Christopher Phoenix

  2. Sometimes bigger is not always better, a Mini Cooper or Miata can out corner a Bugatti Veyron! I think this movie, if worth the time, will be a popcorn flick...hopefully it will be better than Cloverfield!
    However, Mr. Phoenix, you could be a frakking Cylon sleeper agent...you never know.

  3. That's the same reason why the big bugs from monster movies would just collapse on themselves and suffocate, and fifty foot monsters would be crushed by their own weight. You can't scale up a system without having to redesign it at some point. Dinosaurs actually had very lightweight hollow bones, like birds, and air-filled vertebrae. The little kid in all of us would love to drive a giant robot, stepping on cars and smashing houses out of the way, before punching a humungous freaking monster in the face with a rocket-powered fist, all the same...

    Nah, I'm already half-xenomorph, and cybernetic implants melt in acid blood. :D The hive mother came to Sol III from Altair IV this Christmas. She always visits us half-breeds this time of year. Then she impregnates still more hapless humans so we won't be lonely once she goes back, and insists that everyone participate. Oh, and if I don't get a chance to say it later, happy holidays!!