20 October 2012

FWS News Feed: HALO 4 Live-Action Goodness!

With HALO 4 coming on November 6th, 343 Industries (the spin-off Bungie owners of the HALO universe) are gearing up to remind us that it is time to get back into the fight. And nothing says HALO adverts more than live-action military sci-fi shorts. However, this time, they've gone big time, like John Holmes big with a life-action trailer, and a complete on-line live-action series called HALO: Forward Unto Dawn on Machinima. I have to say, so far, so good, 343 Industries hasn't frakked up the HALO series, but we will see on November 6th how the forth game is.

Here is the live-action HALO 4 "Scanner" Trailer where Master Chief is mind-probed by the new enemy:

Here is the live-action HALO: Forward Unto Dawn series up to its most recent part three.




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