04 May 2011

The Debt is Finally Paid...

FWS would like to thank the members of the Special Forces community that pulled off a daring mission deep in unfriendly territory and came back home safety.
It is amazing to see the world's best Special Forces community come together and take down a target like UBL. Gentlemen...the beers are free...for life!


Loading DELTA onto a C-130

The success of the brave pilots of 160th SOAR and SEAL Team SIX (Devgru) assaulters is a tribute to the eight American lives lost during Operation Eagle Claw in 1980. Their sacrifice in the Iranian desert created the push to rethink and rebuild Americans Special Force capabilities...the amazing skill-sets that those brave soldiers demostrated during the operation to kill UBL is the direct payoff to that dark days in April 24-25,1980.
Rest in peace, honored soldiers, your debt is finally paid.
Thank you.
Oh, and a side note to Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri....you're next...hope you like an ocean-side view.

The Fallen Heroes of 4/24-25/1980


  1. Very well said! First thing I thought of when I heard "we" got OBL. May they RIP.

  2. I wanted people to remember that operation gave us the SOF capabilities that we have today.
    Too few people seem to recall those dark days in 1980...Thank you for reading and commenting.