01 April 2016

FWS News Flash: The DOOM Live-Action Trailer!

Fuck yeah! A new badass trailer just dropped for the re-re-boot of DOOM and it is live-action and it is awesome! I've been a big of DOOM since it original release, and DOOM 3 was a great reboot with a bad ending boss fight that terrified me during the play. I am hoping for so much more with this new game, and I also hope that will inject new life into the core DOOM experience and legacy. Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski helmed this one, and it really shows in the overall quality. Now to go reorder the game! The blood shall flow!

1 comment:

  1. April Fool's Day, huh ? I'm not much appealed by this new DOOM, or I hope the devs will change the weapons feedback because at its current state they really look like Nerf toys or Airsoft... :)