28 January 2016

30 Yeas Ago Today...

Always Remembered, Honored, and Loved for Reaching for the Stars for all of Mankind 


  1. I got back to my college apartment from my drawing class (Northern Illinois University)and put on the TV...and sat stunned for the next three hours watching the news coverage.
    So sad and painfull even 30 years later.

  2. Perhaps the most shocking moment of my childhood.

  3. I was in college too. A friend told me about it as I left lunch. I went to the nearest TV and it was on. My first reaction after seeing the explosion was they are all gone. My next thought was it was the same number as the original seven. And it was our first major loss since Apollo One.

  4. I was in grade school, and I wanted nothing more than to be an astronaut. We watched the launch in my school and the horror was played out across all of us. It was a transformative moment for me...more so now that I am a teacher.

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