13 December 2015

News Feed: Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer!

We finally got to see the first trailer for the sequel of original 1996 sci-fi film, and what is the bottom line after waiting on the sequel to the original ID4 film?  I can say that the film looks like what we thought it would be...honestly. For better or worse, IDR looks like ID4 in tone, just with better CGI, new light-up assault rifles, and Liam Hemsworth as a pilot to the next-gen alien tech infused attack jet! Sorry, no Will Smith. He wanted $50 million...so...yeah. The film wisely sets this new Independence Day flick some 20 years after the War of 1996, and shows the use of reverse-engineered alien technology to prepare the Earth for the day that they would come back. And on June 24th, 2016, we will a much more combat-oriented sci-fi film with the new military forces of Earth vs. the big bad grey aliens. From the trailer, some of the film does take place on the Moon with Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum in spacesuits, there is massive dogfights, and tons of directed energy weapons. While I was never a big fan of the original, this new film could be a trope mess or a good popcorn flick. I guess we'll have to wait until June to find out.
Anyone interested in this film?  


  1. I do like the look of the trailer! I'm thinking a good popcorn flick )and great grist for wargamers.....;-]

  2. Unrealistic technological recovery.

    Post july 4, 1996
    In the aftermath Whitmore suspends federal elections activating emergency powers declaring himself president for life. The individual ownership of computers ends as governments round up every computer they can get their hand on. Laptops become a black market traded item. The homeless and starving populace are forced into labour camps.
    Alquaeda begins construction of UNDERMOUNTAIN, an underground fortress in Afghanistan.
    By making use of a Eurasian black market and a network of criminals UNDERMOUNTAIN becomes the centre of a Eurasian spider's Web into which resources begin to pour.
    Since the destruction of NORAD and the technological apparatus that gives the United States and other governments a global view and reach, UNDERMOUNTAIN is now the most significant command and control centre in the world. From here Osama bin laden has overseen the acquiring of vast amounts of alien technology recruiting engineers and scientists from across the Islamic world to reverse engineer the technology. He intends to beat the rest of the world to the strategic throne. Fibre optic cables are being stolen. Shipments and warehouses looted. Arms, fuel, and resources are pouring into central Asia. Alquaeda establishes a research airbase of fifty alien 'fighters' which it has recovered. They are hidden beneath Bedouin tents to avoid any prying eyes.
    'Miners' salvaging the alien mothership that crashed in Iran begin to feed the alien metal into Iranian smelters. Much of the metal is directed into the manufacture of Iranian arms. Iran rushes to rebuild.
    'Miners' salvaging the alien mothership that crashed in Iran discover an active core. Alquaeda agents on site retrieve the core and smuggle it to UNDERMOUNTAIN.
    An airfield in the shadow of UNDERMOUNTAIN is established with a fighter squadron of fifty salvaged alien fighters. Bin Laden orders his fighter squadron to strike at the remaining iranian nuclear research facility. Iranian observers notice the fighters have been painted with the Israeli flag. Iran orders its new destroyer class railgun artillery unit to begin firing on targets in Israel. Fifty ton sub orbital rods of alien metal begin dropping out of the sky over Israel. The kinetic weapons shatter the bedrock destroying entire cities.
    The war begins.