27 March 2015

FWS News Feed: The FOREVER WAR Graphic Novel Vol: 2!

The first real blogpost on FWS was wayback in 2010 with a review of 1988 Marvano The Forever War Graphic Novel Volume One. My goal was always to buy all three and write a Forgotten Classics blog article on this long forgotten pieces of military science fiction.While I was able to get my hands on Volume 1 and 3 easily from Lone Star Comics and  Mile High Comics respectfully, Volume 2 eluded me. It was either way too expensive or simply too rare for me to complete the collection. I had given hope to ever own Volume 2 in the same format as my Volume 1 and 3. Then was contacted by FWS reader Ted Boudreaux about buying his extra Volume 2 for a very reasonable price and I jumped at the chance! Today, Volume 2 arrive in the mail (and read immediately), by next month, there will finally be a full Forgotten Classics blog article on all three The Forever War graphic novels!

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  1. This one was great. Are you going to do a post on close air support (CAS)