24 September 2020

FWS News Feed: 25 Years Ago Today...SPACE: Above & Beyond!

On September 24th, 1995, the best Military Science Fiction TV series of all time was aired on FOX and it changed how I viewed the genre of science fiction. When the show aired in 1995, I was a college freshman working at McDonald's and had to set my VCR to tape the pilot 2 hour episode. However, the Dallas Cowboy game ran long by over half-an-hour making me missed the Battle of the Belt. I did not even see that part of the pilot until I bought the series on DVD in 2005! It did not matter though, I deeply loved this show from the first episode and greatly missed over the years. While I wished that some elements had been ironed out or treated differently, it was an amazing experience that put all other military-themed sci-fi TV shows at the time to shame...especially when DS9 attempted to show a war (B5 was nearly as amazing though). It floors me how much my life and the world has changed in the last 25 years, but my love for SAAB continues just as strong to this very day. I hope in another alternate reality that SAAB got a few more seasons and the cliffhanger was resolved. 

Wildcards forever!



  1. Loved that show. It had so much promise, and like so many, died on the vine.

  2. Will ever do a review of Legend of the Galactic Heroes? Either the original or Remake?

  3. Granted that "Every Marine is a rifleman", but I never understood why highly(and expensively)trained combat pilots were risked in infantry combat, even on special operations missions.

    Was the Corps that small then?

    clear ether


  4. I loved that show!!! Truly before its time!


  5. I practically grew up on that show back in the 90s, it and Earth 2 though to be perfectly honest I have more fondness and memories of the former. Heck, the DVD collection was part of my holiday wish list for the longest time and I still have yet to claim ownership of a copy for posterity.

    It was also neat that there were hints of X-Files in some of the world building.

    As for making ground pounders out of combat astrogators, well I don't recall where I heard this from (possibly from this blog), but CGI Space Figher Dogfights weren't exactly the most economical for all episodes so the action needed to be padded with live action segments that were exponentially cheaper by comparison.

    Though considering the BSG reboot, I can't help but wonder what Above and Beyond (and, might I add, I finally got the meaning of the title) would be like with contemporary CGI techniques and effects. Certainly more intense dogfighting scenes, that's for sure.