16 June 2016

FWS News Feed: TITANFALL 2, COD: Infinity Warfare, and Destiny: the Rise of Iron, and HALO Wars 2!

TITANFALL: 2 Single Player Campaign Announcement Trailer
The original Titanfall was released in 2014 and that was in the early months of the Xbox One's release. It was an early favorite of gamers and the gaming press. However, after two years, the Titanfall community has largely moved on and it seems that the original game is close to running its course. Some have criticized the online only aspect of the game and that, plus other issues, impacted its longevity. Respawn Entertainment has listened, and four days ago, we finally saw a glimpse of the single-player campaign. In the trailer, we hear a female soldier talk to Titan mech number BT-7274. She mentions that its original pilot was KIA and that the Titan mech attached itself to rifleman Jack Cooper.
The trailer shows all manner of mech-on-mech violence with Gundam like swords(!) and it's seems it features new worlds to drop in on. I believe that Jack and his sentinel Titan are part of the Militia. While I am grateful that the sequel will be receiving an campaign, overall, I am disappointed with the single player trailer. Our character, who is named Jack...really?! Another fucking Jack in a sci-fi film?! At least, it is not Tom Cruise. Anyways, Cooper looks like Joe "Angry Joe" Vargas and his Titan sounds like Optimus Prime's little brother who has been hanging out with the robots from Portal 2 too much. I really wished that Respawn Entertainment had gone with an story that closer to elements of the limited story we saw in the original game. Well, it is months away from release, and this only a teaser trailer, so we shall see if Titanfall 2's story can be ranked in the good category of MSF games. 

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare "Ship Assault" Gameplay Video 
For years, Activision has been pushing its cash cow Call of Duty franchise further and further into the future, and it seems that we have finally arrived at where we all expected: COD in outer space. However, fans have hated Infinite Warfare as much as the new Ghostbusters film. To counter this, Activision released about 7 minutes of an space battle near the Moon featuring space fighters, space warships, and space infantry boarding teams. Yeah, I am using the word "space" alot, because it is so queer to see an COD game go out into the black.
The seven minutes feature standard COD gunfire and craziness with UNSA attacking an SDF warship near the Moon after the surprise attack on Earth. In the game trailer, you, an SCAR(?) space fighter pilot/assault/boarder soldier, are launched to disable the SDF warship, allowing your warship to gain the upperhand and blast them with a broadside of KE projectiles. Overall, it is impressive looking with cool future tech that FWS will need to talk about, and if it was any other game franchise, it would be a game that we fans of shooters and MSF would be looking forward to....but, it is COD after all with all of the baggage that comes with that name. I am looking forward to this one, and I am hoping to be rewarded with something better than GHOSTS, Advanced Warfare, and Black Ops: III. I miss the days of MW2, MW3, and Black Ops: II. This could be a good solid MSF shooter game with some new tech for us creators...or it could be shit and a waste of $60. At least, we will get an remastered Modern Warfare.

Destiny DLC: The Rise of Iron Announcement Trailer
There is little doubt that I fully under the Destiny spell, and for the last few months, my Xbox One and I have been exploring the ruins of the solar system as an female hunter through all of the game's DLCs. Now, it has been announced that another DLC will be dropping to separate me from my cash: the Rise of Iron. This is likely that this will be last DLC before the drop of Destiny 2. The story of the Rise of Iron is the tale of a group of human warriors, the Iron Lords, who were present at the Collapse of the Golden Age. They were independent of the Titans and fought the Darkness in their own way on their own terms,.
One of the missions of the Iron Lords was to escort refugees to the shadow of the Traveler as the Last City was taking shape. All but one is gone. The Rise of Iron is set in the modern Destiny timeline and will bring the Iron Lords into the forefront of the current Destiny situation due to the discovery of advanced Golden Age nanotech (Silva) by the Fallen in Russia. It is believed that the Guardian with the solar energy axe in the trailer is none other than Lord Saladin, the Titan in charge of the Iron Banner Crucible. This could be a great deal of fun, with new raids, missions, maps, and loot. What more can you ask from Destiny? I wished that this was a prequel DLC, taking us back to that chaotic time before the formation of the City and the Vanguard. We might see some glimpses of this, but no gameplay. One of the good things Bungie has down with The Rise of Iron is not to charge full price, nor creating an all-in-collector's edition. It will cost about $30-$40 and drop in September. And yes, I will be buying it because I cannot help myself. Damn you, Bungie!

HALO Wars was released at the apex of the popularity of HALO, and while I did not play it, the cinematics were some of the best in the series. Seriously, when the SPARTANs rushed those Elites, it one of the best moments in HALO! There has always been talk and want of another HALO Wars game, and now, 343 Industries has answered that need with the announcement of HALO Wars 2. My hope is that this game will be as good as the original and wash some of the disappointment of HALO 5 out of our mouths. From the little information from the trailer, the massive UNSC Spirit of Fire is back at it again with new toys and Captain Cutter is facing off with an Brute General named Atriox some 28 years after the original game. This brings the sailors and soldiers of The Spirit of Fire into the current HALO timeline. This is likely to answer the question of what the apelike Brutes have been doing since the fall of the Covenant. This game drops February 21st, 2017.


  1. TF2 - I have yet to own an Xbox One nor a PC that could handle such software (I can barely get it to run some of the old PC games I had collected over the years such as Earthseige 2, Shogo, and G-Nome) so I have not directly experienced the game myself. Though for the latter, I might have been more willing if I had this particular controller in mind ( http://imagescdn.tweaktown.com/news/2/4/24524_04_hawken_to_receive_mek_fu_controller_requires_three_hands_and_a_university_degree_to_use.jpg ). Historically, I've tend to shy away from online-only video games especially after the PSN downage of 2011. Thus I am always glad to see the addition of a single player campaign, even if it is ultimately a lengthy tutorial ala Starhawk since there are times in which I don't feel like listening to the voice of some 12-year-old who head shots me each time I respawn. As for the whole "Jack" thing? It's a step up from John Smith as far as I can figure, though not as funny as John Doe nor as iconic as Leeroy Jenkins.

    COD:IW - To be honest, the last time I ever touched the franchise was a demo for Black Ops and the last COD game I ever played was Modern Warfare and it was just the single player campaign. Thus, I am largely ignorant of the issues that others have faced when it comes to online gameplay that would have otherwise make sense as to the large amount of pure hatred one would have towards the franchise. Though I am of an opinion of another youtuber, and theoredically Angry Joe Vargas, that the biggest issue one had towards the game wasn't the IN SPACE aspect of the campaing but rather the remastering of the first Modern Warfare being an exclusive to the Legacy Edition and even then only if its pre-order. Personally I don't have an isuse with future-setting gameplay since I was basically raised on such games. As for the Ship Assault trailer, it's no Ace Combat nor Star Wars, though then again that might be a good thing since none of them have the pilot jump out and do some grunt work, though for some odd reason it reminds me of the Zero Gravity segments of the first Dead Space game in terms of gameplay mechanics. That and a very light version of Shattered Horizion. I just might purchase this game for that alone, though it'll probably have to wait until I actually own either a PS4 or an XBox One. So far I'm not getting any incentive to trade up my PS3 anytime soon even with the Playstation VR.

    Destiny - To be quite honest, I was rather reluctant to purchase Destiny since I've been a bit truamatized with the closure of Playstation Home after I spent about $200 on items over the years and not so willing to purchase something whose servers would just be shut down forever sometime in the forseeable future. Heck, I got my copy from a Goodwill and it was only $2. Thus, I have not experienced the full Destiny package since I only had the vanilla version. So I can't be as excided about the new DLC as with the average Destiny player, still an increase in the experience level cap would be nice to have.

    HW2 - The only experience with the Halo games I had was with the original and it was at a relative's house so I have not been immersed in the entire franchise outside of select movies and lore. In light of Halo 5, I'm not too sure if that was fortunate of me or not. Still, it's always a good idea for a franchise to experiment with things outside their bread and butter and give a fresh take upon it. Then again, historically I was always a bad RTS player, with my only successful gameplay being End War and Star Craft for the N64.

    Still, enthusiasm is always nice to have towards the future and especially in video games.

  2. I am really excited to look into the technology and weapons in Titanfall 2 and CoD: IW. Lately the MSF genre for me is so neat and these two games will hopefully make me enjoy the genre even more. Also the video below makes me super pumped to see the guns in IW. (William if you see this, please watch the video and tell me what you think!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qeVA6MaqRk

  3. That was a great video and it has peaked my interest for COD: IW, and some of the new weapons could be mentioned on my "Modular weapons" blogpost. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Hey no problem! I'm pretty much more excited about the guns than I am about the actual game. Also I just looked at the list of upcoming articles and just wanted to mention that I am really excited for them! :)