22 November 2015

FWS News Feed: STAR TREK Special Forces Movie?!

News broke this week that Paramount President Marc Evans, during an interview with WIRED magazine, said that Paramount is exploring the possibility of  Trek themed stand-alone films, like Star Wars is doing with Rogue One. In the interview, Evans wonders what an Star Trek: Zero Dark Thirty commando movie would look like. This is amazing news, because we've never had an military-themed Trek film and to see one that might answer the basic question of the existence of the mythical Starfleet Marines! I wonder if Evans is referring to the MACOs, only Special Forces unit we've ever seen in Trek? This connected universe film of the Trek universe could allow us to see more of the galaxy than just the Federation and Starfleet...could we get an Klingon movie? Of course, the real question is would this military-themed Trek film or other connected-universe films be set in the mainstream universe or the new alternative universe laid down by J.J. Abrams? Those new films are so limited in the presentation in the wider universe, but would mining the old original timeline be confusing to audiences and Trek fans? All of this is just speculation at this point, but the mere possibility of seeing an Trek commando film could be very exciting!


  1. So many questions here but, I'm for the idea!

  2. It sounds like pandering to me. If done correctly, It could be a good concept, but The question is will it be more military than science. On the other hand, it could end up being a space based "Warehouse 13."

  3. Star Trek: the Musical! Haha! I am not sure about this one. Some stand alone Trek movies would be nice, but I don't think I can stomach an films in the Abramsverse

    1. You laugh William, I Cringe as William Shatner has been pushing for one.

  4. That is a sign of the apocalypse! Frank Black wanted against that!

  5. Sometimes producers will push and promote what they think John and Jane Q Public will want to see. The producers hold the reigns over the direction of the movie. I hope they chose a director who thinks outside the box or has a true blue fandom writing the script who will include Romulans and Klingons in this spec ops movie.