21 August 2014

Have Your Own Thoughts on the BLADE RUNNER Blaster? Send them to me!

With the recent FWS blogpost on the handgun of BLADE RUNNER, I was contacted by an FWS reader in Israel, Yoel, about crafting a blogpost about the fictional history of Deckard's issued handgun, in a similar vein to the Star Trek: Enterprise EM-33 plasma pistol blogpost from a few years ago. I thought that is a brilliant idea, and a good time to open FWS up to independent contributors. I would like your own take on the fictional 2019 blaster in a historical article setting. Please send them to my email on the sidebar with the words "Blade Runner Blaster history" in the subject line. Please include your name or internet handle so I can give you the credit. This going to be fun, and no, there is no money.

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