13 May 2014

FWS News Flash: H.R. GIGER Dead at 74

It was just announced that legendary artist and sci-fi concept artist H.R. Giger died in hospital after a fall in his native Switzerland. Giger forged on of the most iconic hostile alien species in all of science fiction, and one of the most unique aliens spacecraft as well. While 1979's ALIEN gave him fame and fortune with legions of fans, he was an artist first, who created art that displayed a dark fusion of sex, bio-technology, and death all into a rich landscape of horror and wonder. His talent was undeniable, and while he was a strange man, I always enjoyed him. He worn black all the time, loved cats, loved the strangle, and stuck to his complex twisted vision of art and technology. I respect all of those things, and plus, he was Swiss, like my genes. I had planned to buy one of his creepy alien chairs and have him mock a biomechnical Apple computer shell from me once I had the money. Giger will be missed. Goodbye, old friend, travel strange.     

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