27 October 2013

FWS News Flash: Bug Hunting in COD: GHOSTS?!

Okay, I just became more excited over the next Call of Duty game, because it seems that the mode hinted for a few months will be in game! Infinity Ward decided not to continue with Special Ops and we all knew that it was being replaced by another mode, similar to zombies. And what is cooler than zombies to us fans of MSF? Insect-like aliens! And Call of Duty: GHOSTS is going to have them in a special gameplay mode called "Extinction"! Much like Zombies in the Black Ops games, you and friends will hunt and be chased by badass aliens that are there to rip your lungs out, and your goal is to survive and achieve the objectives...which could be killing their hives! I am super fucking excited about me and my buddies bug-hunting multiply alien species in a COD environment....now where did I leave my M41a1 Pulse Rifle?!

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