28 June 2013

FWS News Flash: TERMINATOR Being Rebooted?!

It seems that Terminator 5 will not be a continuation of Terminator: Salvation storyline, but a complete reboot to the entire Terminator saga. That includes James Cameron's 1984 and 1991 masterpieces, but word is that Arnold will be making a return, in some fashion, to theses reboots. This has been a rumor for about two years that there would be a massive reboot to Terminator, and now we have a producers attached to the project, Megan and David Ellison, but no director. This reboot has been conceived has a trilogy that is stand-alone, whatever that means. So, what does this mean? To me, a lifelong fan of the Terminator universe. I think the Terminator films have been broken for some time, and I don't know if this will help. The first two movies, directed by Cameron where great films that should have been the last word on the film universe. If there had to be a third movie, than it should have been the prequel to the original 1984 classic, showing the dark future and battle for the time machine. If this film had been done in the early 1990's, than Arnold and Michael Biehn could have and should have starred in the movie. Now, it looks like these new films will have new actors, new SFX, and so on..big fucking deal. I am so goddamn tired of Hollywood fucking with movies that do not need a fucking reboot! Maybe the Terminator movies should just die if they cannot continue, not be remade. Terminator has been given a TV series, four movies, litters of comics and video games...maybe its time has come...sigh. We do have a release date, June 26th, 2015....and time will tell if this is the shot-in-the-arm that this belligerent film series


  1. Well this sucks... I don't think Salvation was nearly as bad as some people made it out to be, but I also don't think it was the future Terminator that we all hoped for. I think the future setting deserves another (better) chance.

  2. I liked the TV series and thought that it was true to the original unrelentingly grim inevitability of the robot apocalypse.

  3. The problem with Salvation was...everyone just remebers it for Christian Bales melt down.

    If your movie is only thought of because the lead actor went fucking mental on set then you have major difficulties.

    1. To me it seemed like he was still in character when he was interrupted. He's supposed to be playing a soldier in an apocalypse, putting yourself there mentally should wind anyone up.

  4. The T:SCC tv series added a great deal of depth to the Terminator universe, and a cool spin on the post-T2 world. I especially enjoyed the war between the resistance and Skynet in the past, and Cameron. What killed TSCC was it being on FOX. Damn you, FOX!
    I really liked Christian Bale as John Conner, but Salvation was flawed, and had strange elements. However, it was lightyears better than T3: Rise of the Shit. I agree that too many people remember Bale's flipout, and that must of adding something to the issues on set and despite being one of the best character-actors, working he needed to watch his shit.
    Thanks for the reading and commenting!