20 February 2013

FWS News Feed: New Ender's Game Image!

Here we are, the first image of the chow-hall for the training asteroid-based battle-school, along with their uniforms, the Salamander's patch, and the e-board displaying the day's results. This image has got me excited about maybe this movie being a great military science fiction flick that could raise the profile of the genre. At this moment, Ender's Game could be good...but Hollywood has a way of frakking things up! Officially, Ender's Game has a November 1, 2013 release date.  


  1. Christopher PhoenixFebruary 21, 2013 at 4:44 PM

    Heh, doesn't look much like what I visualized when I read the book, but what ever does? ;-) Ender's Game had many flaws, I think, and as they say bad books often make good movies. Though watching a bunch of actors talking about buggers with a straight face may make the whole thing feel silly. They should call the aliens by their proper name in the movie.

    "Sir, the aliens totally buggered our space fleets!! And now they are coming down to bugger us..."

    I always imagined the Battle School as being more cramped and dark than this, like a dimmed video arcade or a planetarium. In the game rooms I imagined lots of lit screens about, and in the battle room the walls sort of glowed dimly. I make a game of this now, whenever a movie of a book I read comes out I hold the image of what I imagined in my mind and compare it to what the movie shows. I don't want my capacity for visualization weakened by the film industry.

  2. Buggers...priceless! I agree with that bad books make great sci-fi movies. Just look at Blade Runner and Minority Report. I, too, imagined battle school being more akin to the underground moonbase of the Genesis project from ST:TWOK or even that really, really bad 1980 sci-fi movie Saturn 3.
    I also imagine what a film would look like if based on the books I love. I,Robot didn't match up at all. I also imagine what my books would look like if ever made into a film...personal trivia about me, I knew majored in film while at university, I was took I have a good eye for directing. Watch out Ridley!