09 December 2012

FWS News Feed: OBLIVION Trailer!

Here we go, the first trailer for Tom Cruise's new sci-fi movie, OBLIVION, and it looks...well... like a cross between Escape from New York and Moon. This could be good, if the plot does add too many layers destroying the flow. Enjoy!


  1. Retro pew-pew lasers, nasty aliens, and Morgan Freeman- looks interesting. XD

    By the way, have you seen the Total Recall remake yet? I thought it was actually pretty good, better than what I had expected. For the record, I love the original Total Recall, but I don't have a problem with something different coming along either. I spotted a bunch of references to the original Total Recall scattered through the film, including the three-breasted hooker, the safety deposit box (I think it is the same one from the original), and the fat lady at customs. :-) Total Recall had a much more Blade Runner/Minority Report look then i had expected. Oh, and the hover-car highway is absolutely awesome...

    Christopher Phoenix

  2. I really need to see that one! I decided to rent the Hungry Games indeed over that and I regarded that decision!
    Once some scan come out about the DEW I'll post them.