21 May 2012

FWS News Feed: Starship Troopers Invasion Trailer

Well, we FINALLY have a teaser trailer for the upcoming CGI animation SST film, Invasion. The teaser uses some lines of dialog from the original book(!) and shows us a glory sequence of the new powered armor for the film, however, the only shot of a bug is the typical warrior we've seen since 1997. This looks better than I thought and I now have higher hopes for it. It is uncertain how much of the 1997 Verhoeven universe will make into the new film, or if Invasion is a complete reboot of SST. But, if's got bugs vs. powered armored soldier, you can count me in!

Here is the teaser:


  1. This teaser is old. You can watch the new one here : http://special.movies.yahoo.co.jp/detail/20120521090599/

  2. The suit seems really interesting. It's unlike any Powered Armour concept I've seen before.

  3. I completely agree, the new design for the APS is very well done. I wonder if this could change the theme of SST?

  4. TBH, SST isn't a book that can be translated into a movie easily. In fact, the story may be good, but it lacks the action parts that would make a movie epic. Now, unless a director is crazy enough with Mr Heinlein and turns what is, IMHO, a political essay in a sci-fi context, into a movie, we ain't gonna see Rico's story done right. That said, the SST universe is awesome, and with some good writing we can have a very decent movie in the spirit of the book, complete with Powered Armour, clever/space-faring bugs, skinnies, etc. The universe itself is also very vague. We've seen three or four outfits in the book, there are probably thousands out there, each with its own story. Hell, the ending is also very vague and open to interpretations.
    I like where Invasion is going and truly hope that the SST's themes established by the enjoyable-yet totally unrelated to the universe-Verhoeven movie will be changed. It's been over a decade already. I am cautiously optimistic.

  5. I would agree with that, cautiously optimistic. I have posted many times on this blog, about how vexed the 1997 film makes me feel, and how the original source material is odd and one-sided in its own right. It will take a talented team to bring the soul of the story out without crapping it up like most of the SST films have done. The Japanese did a good visual job with their 1987 SST OVA, but it lacked in story and action. The beat goes on...
    Thanks for commenting and reading!