01 May 2012

FWS News Feed: Life-Action HALO 4 Webseries coming!

As with recent previous HALO games, there will be live-action web specials to promote the upcoming fourth HALO game. This time, 343 Industries the approach will be much grander, "Forward Unto Dawn" will be divided up over five episodes that will be about 15 minutes.
The basic plot centers around an officer serving on the UNSC Infinity and how when he was a green recruit, he met the Master Chief, changing his life forever.
The series will drop on around October on the HALO Waypoint site and Machinima.com.
This is great news for the whole of military science fiction, the previous live-action web-specials were as, I praised, one of the best examples of military sci-fi. And this "Forward Unto Dawn" webseries will be no different and given that it will be even more developed, leaves me excited to see where 343 Industries will take us. This will be a good time for military science fiction and it's time to believe in the Chief again. Now, where is my MA5B?

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