24 April 2012

FWS News Feed: CRYSIS 3 Trailer!

One of the better MSF video game shooters I've ever played was Crysis 2 on my 360, and now, the series is back with number 3. Much like all of the Crysis games, it is a real stunner, due to the amazing jaw-dropping CryEngine 3 system, which is better than the current standard Frostbite 2 engine.
 It has been 20 years since the events in the second game, and the alien Cephn race have occupied New York City, In response, Cell Industries has the encased the entire city in nanoskin domes and sent in Prophet (who makes a return from the dead) in his nanosuit to hunt down the alien threat and liberate New York...maybe they should havve called in Snake Plissken as well.
Due to the jungle like conditions inside the domes, and the nature of the Prophet's mission, he unilitze a futuristic tech bow, and fields several types of arrows, to bring down Ceph quietly all while, attempting  to tapping  into his inner Katniss.
 In a big change, this time, the player can pick up alien weaponry, most likely, because there will be fewer human soldiers to pickup from.
\The game is set to drop sometime in 2013 and I will be putting it on my list.

Here is the trailer:

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