13 November 2010

The Battle: Los Angeles Trailer

The Alien Invasion is a been a sci-fi classic theme since the original War of the Worlds, and in modern times, since around the time ID4 was released, filmmakers have tried to make the genre something epic coupled with a more realistic story.

The first Alien Invasion movie that I felt lived up to that was the 2005 War of the Worlds, which tapped into the post-September 11th emotion element. Then came Half-Live 2, and now it seems, Battle: Los Angeles will be the premier realistic Alien Invasion film.

The concept has been described by the film director Jonathan Liebesman as “like Black Hawk Down with aliens.”
All I have to say is it's about time.
Finally, Military fighting back against the alien invades in a major urban setting.
This morning, while checking in around my normal sites, io9 posted the new nearly two-minute trailer and the odd haunting music, coupled with the hard realistic combat felt me speechless...and that takes something for me.

Here is a shot from the new trailer, and you can see the attention paid to construct a  realistic military film set within an alien invasion. My hope is that this film does not tease us with a great trailer, like Skyline and then not delivery the goods when the film drops.

Here is the link to the io9 post and the original music video to the music in the trailer

And here is the offical website to the film:

And here is the IMFDB page on it:


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