13 July 2020


In 2010, Future War Stories was founded to a vehicle for my own writing for my own military science fiction works, but within the first few months, FWS became much more than that, it became a passion project for me due to the research and need for the exploration of certain topics. Within the first year, the themes and format of FWS crystallized and numbers began to climb. By 2012, FWS was on its way to being the home to the genre of military science fiction on the internet. That success was mostly due to your support, comments, sharing, and reading. I want to thank every one of you for helping FWS grow into what it is today. Special thanks goes out to those that have cotributated articles to FWS over the years, Derek Restivo for designing the FWS logo, to Duke for his research help, and to the founder of Atomic Rockets Winchell Chung for his continued help and the awarding of the Atomic Rockets Seal. Extra Special thanks goes out to Yoel for everything he has done to raise the bar for the articles and research here on FWS. He and I have gone down the rabbit hole a few times together attempting to find answers to questions that most people do not ask themselves. I have to also thank my wife for putting up with me and pushing me to continue when things were dark for me. What is on the horizon for FWS? I am prepping the first installment of the long promised Starfighters serial that is going to take the place of the Ships of the Line when that concludes. Over the course of the next few months as well, I will be looking back at the Best and Worst of FWS in a new serial called The FWS 10 Year Retrospective. Again, thanks to everyone of you and I hope to see you over the course of the next 10 years...well, until SkyNet achieves awareness and nukes us all. 
Hey, with 2020, you never know that the hell is going to happen!


  1. Congratulations on 10 years.
    This is one of the best, well researched, entertaining, and superbly written blogs out there sir!

  2. ¡Felicidades!
    I wish you another 10 years for this fantastic blog.

  3. Congratulations, it's one of the best blogs I follow!

  4. A small highlight of any day is when there is a new article here to read. You write well and your topics are interesting. Thank you and best of luck with another 10 years.

  5. Here's to another decade of inspiring ideas and never pondered subjects that make all of our own collective creativity, enjoyment, and immersion all the better as a consequence.