06 August 2013

FWS News Feed: Where the Frak Is My Powered Armored Blogpost, William?!

Okay, I promised a in-depth massive research blogpost on all things Powered Armor in science fiction...and it is still not here. So, what is the deal? Things have been busy at work, where I do a majority of blogging, at home, my wife and I have been laying a new tile floor in a never ending DIY project, and then I've been playing Mass Effect 3...and you know what happens when you play Mass Effect...time melts like some sort Salvador Dali painting. I am happy to report that I am  back writing and researching the shit out of Powered Armor, and I am over half way done. My hope is that this blogpost lives up to the Mecha blogpost I did last year. Back to Powered Armor, and thanks for your patience.


  1. Gah, how dare you have a life outside of this blog! This is unacceptable!

    On another note, brilliant gif, off to watch the X Files

  2. Love the X-files...well until around 1999. One of the best shows of the 1990's, and most of time, the was done perfectly. Wished it had ended better. Fox Mulder had effect on me and my clothing. Became a Sig Sauer because he used on in the series...and because it was a damn fine gun.

  3. Christopher PhoenixAugust 13, 2013 at 7:29 PM

    Looking forward to the Powered Armor blogpost, sounds like this is gonna be a fun one!! :) Remember, just as with space dreadnoughts, EE "Doc" Smith is the originator of power-driven armored suits... his characters started out with simple armored space suits, but the armor kept getting heavier and thicker until it just had to be power-driven, or no human could move in it. I think that Atomic Rockets traces powered armor back to "Doc" Smith's "Galactic Patrol".

    Personally, I first encountered power driven armor suits in James Blish's "Cities in Flight" series, where they were capable of flight via antigravity, and apparently had deadly built in weapons systems... though most people seem to have first heard of it from Heinlein's "Starship Troopers", not to mention Iron Man.

    By the way, William, have you ever read Alastair Reynold's "Revelation Space"? I recently finished that book, Mr. Reynolds invented a strange space opera universe... I particularly liked the idea of slower than light interstellar trade conducted by relativistic "light-huggers" crewed by heavily modified "ultranauts". The pacing of the story was a bit odd, and , but I enjoyed "Revelation Space".

    Speaking of suits, the ones used by the characters in Revelation Space were among the strangest in SF. They could alter their form using nanotechnology, extruding weapons and manipulators as needed, and were also capable of independent spaceflight using built-in antimatter thrusters- requiring the user to be immersed in oxygenated gel to avoid being crushed by high acceleration. You need a laser, the suit forms a laser. When a firefight really went hot, the suit could just fire accelerated antimatter pulses at enemy units... which tends to leave little more than smoking, radioactive debris.

    Oh yeah, and Leeloo being on the FWS page is awesome, ha ha... great pick, William!! :D

  4. I fucking love the 5th Element! One of the most fun sci-fi movies with a heart. To this day, I still say that I am a meat Popsicle! I will add the suits from Revelation Space along with the early suits from Cities in Flight on the history of powered armor. This could be one of the earliest uses of powered space armor in scifi...nice catch! It nice to know that the new generation is exploring the classics!
    This powered armor blogpost is going to be the death of me...seriously. Weeks upon weeks of research and writing. But, I am happy with the result.
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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